Stepbrother's Hideaway

  • 11-20-2019 |
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With all the renovation going on at their house, Jackson Cooper can barely find a quiet place to jerk off, but if he's looking for sympathy, he shouldn't have tried to rub one out in a place where step-brother Dante Colle can catch him. Dante notices Jackson is jerking it to gay porn, and once he's filmed enough for his amusement, he gets the idea to maybe give Jackson the real thing. Jackson is hesitant to fuck his step-brother since he's never really messed around with a guy, but Dante convinces him to keep it in the family and let him pop his virgin cherry, or maybe Jackson is lying and this was part of his plan the whole time...Enjoy!

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Excellent scene. Two hot guys. I loved the start of the scene, some good dialogue and real time spent with Dante talking his step brother into doing more, compared to some other scenes which perhaps have a line like "We're step brothers we shouldn't" before the action commences. I really love that the dialogue continues throughout the action. More like this would be excellent.

I also think that the balance between POV and non POV shots is about right.
2020-06-24 00:21
Please don't become one of those sites where you refuse to have a bottom's face and ass in the same shot. It's very 2016. If we wanted real POV where we just pretended the person we fuck had a cut and paste face, then we'd actually have sex with our partners instead of jacking off to porn. We want to see who's fucking who while they fuck/get fucked.
2019-11-30 23:16
Dante is sooo good. He is a great actor and connecting with his scene partner. Both guys make this scene awesome!
2019-11-23 09:00
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