Sniffing My Mom's Boyfriend

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Preston Burgess is so tired of hearing his mom and her boyfriend fuck! Her room is right next to his and their amorous, nocturnal activities have been keeping him up lately. You see, Preston has become jealous of his mom. Her boyfriend, Pierce Hartman, is one of the hottest guys Preston has ever seen. He wishes he could get the kind of hard pounding he hears his mom taking every night!

When Preston wakes up on a weekend morning, he's surprised to happen upon a nude Pierce making coffee in the kitchen. Pierce doesn't see him, so Preston watches quietly, from behind a cracked door. When Pierce finishes and heads off to the master bathroom for a shower, Preston follows. He continues his morning of peeping by watching Pierce in the shower for a little while.

While Pierce is occupied, Preston takes the opportunity to sneak into his mom's bedroom and sniff all up on Pierce's underwear. Oh, they smell just like he expected! While poking around in there, he also sees a dildo under the bed.

When Pierce returns to the room, he finds Preston with the underwear on his face and the dildo deep in his ass. As Preston strokes his cock, Pierce hears him saying how he wants Pierce to fuck him. Preston realizes Pierce has returned and is quite startled. 'I didn't hear the shower turn off!' is all he can blurt out.

Pierce tells him to relax, because he won't tell Preston's mom. Instead, he takes a cue from Preston and gingerly takes Preston's cock in one hand and cautiously continues the dildo banging with the other. Preston can't believe what's happening! But he's not about to stop it, that's for sure.

From there, the two become engaged in passionate kissing. It's not long before Pierce is sucking on Preston's happy, stiff cock. He goes from enjoying that dick, to licking Preston's tight, Twink hole. After a while, Preston returns the favor by slurping on Pierce's fat dong, the same one he's fantasized about for months!

Then Pierce has Preston turn around and take Pierce's big dick, right in his tender ass. What happens next is even more than Preston could've dreamed. Check out this cock-hungry Twink getting just what he wished for when his mom's incredibly hot boyfriend decides to take advantage of the perfect situation. It's the good, hard fucking he deserves for putting up with all the late-night noise!

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While nothing can match Preston's gay porn debut scene as an aspiring young would be actor getting his virgin ass fucked on a Hollywood casting coach, this second scene of his was smoking hot! His hot twink ass took a pounding that Preston no doubt will never forget. Such a young, innocent looking, handsome little twink who can take it up his hot little ass like a champ!
2021-01-26 21:08
Your video player sucks. Please fix it.
2020-11-02 20:01
Tall Daddy Bear
This is always a favorite. Preston was so hot. Too bad he didn’t do a lot more. Such a beautiful body and face- innocent looking but a sex demon. I love ot when Pierce is using the dildo on him, usually I don’t line dildos in porn, but he was pushing it in and thrusting and kissing Preston at the sane time- very sensual.
2020-10-13 20:21
That cumshot halfway through was so hot
2020-05-01 02:06
Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
*puke in my mouth* In what universe could a perverted young peeping Tom ever actually ask tp get caught so crystal clearly and expect that to go well rather than to sour the stepfather-son and mother-son relationships? Flaw in the script? The peeping son would have taken the dirty underwear back to his bed,  methinks.
2019-12-07 10:25
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