Pride Studios Update - The Waiting Game

  • 09-06-2022 |
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Featuring Jack King, Dylan Drive
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Dylan Drive has arrived a bit early and his buddy hasn't shown up yet but Jack is at the house and tells him to wait it out. Jack made sure Dylan's friend would be gone so he could have him all to himself. Jack King played it off pretty well acting like he had no idea what was going to unfold. Instantly Jack starts rubbing Dylan's soft hairy legs and lets him know it's ok to start sucking his cock. Now that they are both butt ass naked and taking turns blowing some big uncut cock Jack is ready to stuff his dick down that small eager hole of Dylan's. Jack usually doesn't take it easy on some fresh meat but in this case he takes Dylan for a nice drive. Lots of hot sexy action in this scene with some hot oozy cum that just can't wait to be let loose.


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Well, that was lame ... and fairly mechanical. Don't mind y'all dipping into other studio's vaults but atteast pick up scenes that are hot and stick to the theme of NDT.
2022-09-06 23:44
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