Modern Day Sins Update - Greedy Creampies: Help A Buddy Out

  • 01-06-2022 |
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Two straight roommates (Beaux Banks and Dalton Riley) stumble across a porn channel while watching TV. Dalton hasn't been getting sex from his girlfriend lately because she's angry at him for some reason, and Beaux hasn't been able to jerk off in weeks because Dalton keeps hanging around their tiny apartment instead of going out with his girlfriend. Since they're both horny and desperate, they agree to jerk off to the porn.

Both men unzip their pants and masturbate to the porn. Eventually, they comment admiringly that the porn ended in a creampie. Dalton sadly says his girlfriend would never let him creampie her, adding that he wishes he could bust a nut inside a warm hole, ANY warm hole. That gives Dalton an idea, and he looks over at Beaux. Suspicious, Beaux asks why the hell Dalton is looking at HIM.

Dalton pleads to creampie Beaux, who refuses. Dalton points out that Beaux owes him a big favor, so if he lets him do this, they'll finally be even. Beaux agrees, so they both undress and try mutual masturbation to get in the mood. Beaux then insists that Dalton needs some kind of lube, so he tries spitting on Dalton's dick, then giving him a blowjob. Once Dalton's dick is nice and wet, he tries to top Beaux, but Beaux's ass is too tight. Dalton fingers and rims Beaux to help loosen him up.

After that, Dalton successfully penetrates Beaux, and they have doggy-style sex. They both enjoy the sex more than they'd like to admit, but Dalton hasn't cum yet, so they decide to try another position. They switch to missionary sex, and partway through Dalton kisses Beaux on the lips, surprising him. They agree to just go all out since it feels good, so they do more kissing, and Dalton enthusiastically rims Beaux. Then Beaux gives Dalton another blowjob, before Dalton goes back to fucking Beaux with lots of kissing, building up the intensity for a creampie finish...

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Not convinced that was not fake cum with Dalton
2022-04-12 02:26
Really beautiful. Once they get into it, Beaux worships Dalton's cock and Dalton worships Beaux's hole. The fucking is exquisite and Dalton's ejaculation inside of Beaux's ass is superbly handled. Dalton conveys the rapture of a totally fulfilling orgasm and then we see his jizz trickling out of Beaux's sweet sweet ass hole. Thanks guys (including videographersa0. Marvelous show!!
2022-03-30 18:17
Lighting is exceptional: sets a great mood and displays the bodies beautifully. Some shadowy moments, though, blocking view of the genitals during the fuck. Bits of dialog turned me on. Two pros at work here who really know how to perform. The midfuck kissing, the deep rimming after the missionary, implied ATM – superb. Some editing tricks there, but that’s okay. Would’ve liked seeing Beaux’s hole more. Sofa fucking is often confining and limits camera placement, but was okay here due to the depth of the sofa.
2022-03-19 10:34
Hot scene, great looking guys with great chemistry. The creampie shot was absolutely awesome, exactly how real cumming inside a guy should look. As for sex between two “straight” buddys, I don’t believe there would actually be kissing, fondling and rimming. But it gives me more fuel for my fantasies, thanks!
2022-02-16 08:56
Hot. And love that apartment. What a great space.
2022-02-10 20:58
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