Missionary Boys Update - Elder Hult: The Calling

  • 06-10-2020 |
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No matter how many times Elder Hult attempts to repent for his sins, he cannot seem to shake the dark cloud following him during his mission. Everywhere he looks, someone is waiting to unmask him for his secret lustful thoughts. He wishes the fantasies would stop, but he does not have control over them. When he sees the priests, he imagines himself on his knees, wrapping his lips around their fat cocks. When he hears his fellow missionaries in the shower, he wonders what it would feel like to let the water run over his body while getting his tight asshole pounded. The lascivious thoughts make him scared of his own mind, but he cannot deny that they bring him a dark pleasure that he cannot resist.Today, Hult enters another private meeting with one of his favorite priests, President Lewis. Lewis has always had an eye for Hult, having fucked his sweet hole once before. But as the rumors swirl around the boy, Lewis knows that he must step in and guide him back onto the straight and narrow.The only way to advance in the mission is to control one's urges until they are brought forth ritualistically by an experienced priest. President Lewis must remind the boy of his need to follow proper procedure, or Hult's future at the mission will be bleak.As Hult approached Lewis, he casts his eyes down in shame. His anxiety threatens to overcome him as he tries to respond to Lewis's questions. He looks at his hands tremble in fear. Perhaps Lewis was sent to kick the boy out of the mission. After all, Lewis has already tasted the boy's flesh. What use would he have for him anymore? But Lewis's intentions are not to dismiss Hult. He hopes to help him. He asks him again, what exactly has been going on?Hult reveals that he has been dishonest about his past transgressions. Though he has attempted to come clean, he has never been able to tell the full truth about how deep his dirty thoughts go. The shame is simply too great. Lewis can sense the boy's pain, and wants to ensure him that things will be okay. However, he must perform his duties as a guide. In order to absolve Hult, he must punish him.The boy's first offering for repentance is a kiss. But the gesture is simply not enough. Lewis guides the boy to the floor, and soon his mouth fills with the priest's erect penis. He runs his tongue over Lewis's throbbing shaft, hoping to please the man and be allowed to stay in the mission. Lewis's toes curl in pleasure as the boy sensually blows his dick. Then, he tongues Hult's puckering hole to prepare him for his anal punishment. As he fucks the boy's butt, Lewis hopes to teach Hult that the only way to exorcize his lustful thoughts is to act them out. And as Lewis spurts hot cum on the boy's body, he hopes the boy will leave with a greater understanding of himself and his journey towards the Order.

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Great scene. So, hot, so sexy. Joel Something is great at making a scene sensual or he can switch to wild thing mode. Hurt plays the innocent boy so perfectly. I may just need to sign up for Missionary Boys
2022-08-28 18:10
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