Missionary Boys Update - Elder Ence: Ordination

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Elder Ence has always stood out at the mission as one of the stronger presences among the boys. Not only is his physical formimpressive to the religious men around him, but his outspokenness and curiosity of spirit has earned him the special attention of some of The Order's more voracious members. Boys like Elder Ence often present potential to develop several trajectories in their religious learning. If he is not guided properly, his strength and virility could lead him to less virtuous paths than he is capable of.

To make sure Elder Ence reaches his full potential, The Order needs confirmation that his mind, body, and spirit are in harmonious alignment, pointing him towards a life of virtuosity and religious service. President Skye and Bishop Manwaring are charged with assessing the progress of the young man and making sure that he is fully dedicated to his mission. They surround the boy on either side and sternly encourage him to voice his intention to move forward in his religious learning and make strides towards the light.

President Skye tells Elder Ence that he must sacrifice everything to become one of them. The world he knew before, his attachment to material things, even his desire for the admiration and acceptance of the other boys in the Mission -- it must all be surrendered to the higher power of the Lord. Elder Ence understands the request and thinks deeply of its implications before responding. He knows that moving ahead, he will journey to places he has always dreamed of going, a holy arena that will fill him with light and love, but require much sacrifice to dwell in.

With sincerity and purpose, Elder Ence responds affirmatively. He is ready to consecrate himself, his time, and his talents to The Priesthood. All that he could be is now in their hands. President Skye and Bishop Manwaring are happy with the young man's willingness to move forward, but feel they must test his commitment further. In order to do so, a trial of flesh is required.

They strip of the boy of all his worldly covering and then bare themselves to him, presenting their thick cocks as testaments to the artistry of the Lord. The boy looks the men's bodies over and does his best to please them every way he knows how. He takes both of their dicks in his mouth at once, slobbering over them while feeling his own desire grow within himself. His cock gets harder and harder until finally he joins the two erect men in holy communion, giving his asshole up to their power. Bishop Manwaring penetrates the boy while he licks and sucks President Skye's shaft, running his tongue over the man's balls lustily. Finally, after the boy's butt has been thoroughly fucked, the men unload their hot cum in his mouth and all over his body. The boy eagerly swallows down the semen offered to him, and feels that he has made the correct choice in dedicating his life to The Order. With the consummation of this carnal act, the concentration of Elder Ence is complete, and his path to glory has been laid out for him.

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Wrong chapter title. Its actually "Elder Ence: The Law of Consecration with Bishop Manwaring & President Skye"
And this "1080" is terrible quality.
2022-01-12 21:43
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