Daddy's Deep Dick

  • 11-03-2017 |
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When Xander Brave comes home from school in the middle of the day, he's not expecting his mom's boyfriend to be there. Dean Phoenix is equally surprised to see Xander so early, and especially concerned with the pain Xander keeps alluding to. No longer able to ignore the obvious discomfort Xander is in, Dean tells him to lay down for a massage & grabs his oils, only to find Xander naked with a towel over his bare ass. Dean smiles when he sees Xander but laughs it off and begins to massage Xander's ailing muscles, but when Xander lifts his leg and tells Dean he can take it as deep as he can give it, Dean can no longer pretend he's not tempted. When Xander pushes his cock through his legs and it's inches from Dean's face, Dean can resist no longer, deliving face first into Xander's sweet, young ass. He tongues Xander deep in his hole, removing his pants whipping out his cock. Xander tries to down it but it's too hard and massive, so instead he mounts his would-be step-daddy, shoving his bareback cock into his tight hole. He asks Dean if he's tighter than his mom, and Dean has to admit he is, and his throbbing hard on tells the rest of the story as he fucks Xander all over the bed in every position, pulling out to spit his load all over Xander's freshly fucked hole as Xander nuts all over himself. Dean tells Xander that from now on, he'll be 'stretching' him out more regularly. Enjoy!

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Dean has always been amazing.
2021-01-28 13:48
First time seein rimjob done while lickin a cock HOT
2020-07-19 17:57
Bring back Dean phoenix, I love his big cock, and he's gorgeous
2019-12-22 15:47
Xander is absolutely FABULOUS!!
2018-01-01 07:51
I  love any scene where a cute little twink is massaged and then fucked.  Xander is a hot little twink and plays his role well as the horny twink looking to get massaged and then fucked with his cute double entendres of wanting it deep and hard, and, if that was not obvious enough, pushing his hard cock in front of Dean's face.  As for Dean, who I do think is too old for gay porn and the only role he can credibly play when far older than his scene partner is that of a daddy, does indeed play the role of Zander's soon to be stepdad, and, to give him credit, plays the role well in this scene.  I still would like to see more of Xander and less of Dean.  Good overall scene.
2017-11-04 22:26
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