Caught By My Stepbrother

  • 02-25-2015 |
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As young, handsome Trent Ferris studies for his Geometry exam, he hears a curious noise coming from the hallway outside his room. He investigates and finds the peculiar moaning sounds are coming from his new stepbrother, Juan Lopez's, room.

He cracks the door open slowly to discover Juan jerking his swollen cock while watching a video of two men having sex. Trent is surprised to find he himself is very turned on by this entire witnessing. Just as his mouth begins to water while gazing upon his stepbrother's fat meat being stroked, Juan catches Trent watching!

Trent dashes back to his room and hides under his covers. Juan comes right in after him and, in his thick accent, tells his new stepbrother that he'd better not tell anyone what he had just seen. Trent reassures him, but lets him know that it made him curious. This gives Juan a naughty idea. He offers to show Trent what it's like to be intimate with a guy. Trent doesn't hesitate to dive in, pulling out Juan's dick and sucking it until it becomes very firm. Juan then reciprocates by wrapping his lips around Trent's big dong. After some deep slurping, Juan positions himself behind Trent and rims his sweet, tender hole. Finally, when it's ready, Juan slides his massive cock into his stepbrother's ass and fucks him hard. Watch Trent get fucked for the first time, by his own stepbrother, right in the comfort of his bedroom.


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Trent is hot would love it hook up with that
2017-04-05 02:52
Agree. BB would be nice.
Otherwise, a great scene. Loved it!
2016-01-07 15:54
Absolutely fucking hot and amazing. I want to hook up with Trent myself. Yummmmy
2015-08-11 04:31
Trent Ferris has a fabulous ass with a great hole that demands to be rimmed plus the fact he has such a sweet face, he's a star and no mistake, the way he took that fat cock of Juan Lopez all the way up his arse was a joy to see, well done all.
2015-08-02 15:19
@ "Great video. Loved the shot of Juan shooting his load, while Trent's perfect pink pucker pulse. The feeding at the end was nice. Now for part 2, Trent and his boyfriend Sam need to tag team Juan. Dude loves getting cock in that fat ass."

I love the same
2015-05-31 20:58
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