Brother's Bond

  • 09-14-2019 |
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Step-brothers Kyle Brant and Greyson Lane couldn't be more opposite one another. Greyson is an open freak, proudly flying his flag and always looking to score, but Kyle is much more sheltered and reserved, probably because of his mom, Greyson figures. But whatever the reason, when Kyle catches Greyson jacking to some gay porn, he's both horrified and intrigued at the same time. Greyson catches him staring and realizes the two of them may not be so different after all. Kyle is about to discover sides of himself he never knew existed, and Greyson is about to discover there's a silver lining to having a step-brother.


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What is Greyson Lane doing these days? Don't see him much. Did he stop doing Porn Movies?
2022-06-24 14:52
Kyle is adorable. Keep looking for that type of guy. Greyson's lean, tan physique is great. Big turnon was Greyson on his back, legs and cheeks spread for rimming. Kyle didn't seem keen on really chowing down, but he gave it a shot. I liked those lingering shots of Greyson's asshole.
2021-12-30 17:18
Grayson does a great job in the beginning being the masculine alpha male in the scene, calling his step brother a nerd and being very confident.  But he didn't keep up the act, he basically became a bottom bitch . He could have played that much better.  Kyle is portrayed as basically an innocent virgin nerd, but that goes out the window when he asks to suck kyles cock and sucks it like an expert and then eats his ass. Kyle should have been dominated my Grayson in this part and taught how to suck cock, he should have been held down on graysons cock and been gagging on it. The scene was good, but could have been much hotter with more in depth thought by the directors.
2020-01-01 06:49
Fucking HOT!!  These are the type of twinks that I can tolerate. Masculine, cool, seductive, swimmers build. YUM!! The scenario story line is HOT as well. Only disappointment why do most male models in gay porn have to be shaven? I hope this long over due trend stops. Pubic hair and hairy assholes are so SEXY!!
2019-09-30 03:39
Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
Manscapped but still thick pubes above the cock = sexy, virile, old enough to be in a relationship with :-)
Furry asshole = poor personal hygiene, i.e. dingleberries and shit stank , a mouthful of pubes with the eventual curly pube caught in the throat for the rimming partner :-(

A bit of short, soft, light blond peach fuzz (on blond guys with blue eyes, think of the Swiss lover you took in Rome.) is fine. Course shit-colored bushes are not. I have made guys use Nair Sensitive Skin before we made love; I am not putting my mouth and cock into a bush or against stubble. Laser is best. Nair Sensitive Skin suffices for guys who cannot afford laser since it keeps it from turning to stubble when it regrows. Stubble is just as awful since it hurts. Don't expect me to even get hard  if you are not maintaining down there.
2020-02-04 04:20
I licked and ate a lot of hairy assholes that were very clean and didn't have dingleberries and shit stank.
Hairy guys do not means dirty guys. Hygiene is current. Probably you chose your partners with no care about this.
By experience, I know that growing hairs arounf that hole needs dayly shaving to avoid uncomfortable feeling
of growing hairs. We may have a hairy very clean hole with a lot less trouble than shaving it every day.
2020-08-07 14:27
I agree...
2020-08-07 14:30
Yeah I completely agree.
2021-09-12 00:32
I agree I would love to see Kyle with Scott in a scene. Would be hot to watch them both especially if Kyle worships Scott's hairy pits during foreplay.
2019-09-24 19:09
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