Brothers Bond

  • 07-14-2017 |
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With his new step-brother leaving and the rest of the house empty, Jonah decides it's safe to watch a little porn and relieve some stress. Ever fearful of his family finding out his gay secret, Jonah is caught with his pants down when his brother returns. At first, Chris is surprised to find out his step brother is gay, and Jonah's nervousness is palpable as Chris comes closer to Jonah's desk and stands over him. Chris sees the size of Jonah's cock and tells him how nice it is. Jonah's nervousness turns to confusion as he realizes his step-brother seems to share the same secret. 'Are you gay?' Jonah asks. Chris responds by going down on Jonah, and now Jonah has his answer. With new confidence, he takes control of his step-brother, throwing him onto the bed and lifting his legs into the air, eating his ass as he slaps his cock against Chris' hole. Plunging his rock hard dick deep into his step-brother, he commences to fucking Chris all over the bed, pile driving him from above as Chris takes the slamming willingly. Jonah flips Chris over and pounds him from behind, smacking his ass as he lets his load fly, coating his brother's ass with jizz. As Chris cleans himself up, they agree to keep their secret bond between themselves.Enjoy!

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Just saw this and loved the long, lean Jonah with the farmer's tan; the man loves sucking cock and rimming and his body was shown off to perfection when he was pile driving Chris. Chris is, as always, and adorable bottom.
2020-05-29 19:42
Jonah has one of the hottest bodies around.  Love this man.
2019-09-03 09:29
love sexy Jonah. maybe a raw scene with Chris blades and Jonah again
2017-07-29 23:19
^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^ I was just thinking that this scene should have been RAW. It would have been perfect. WE can't go wrong with either Jonah's sexy dick or Chris and his beautiful body.
2017-08-04 11:19
Chris Blades has a great look and a perfect body. I'd love to have my way with him. I'd eat him alive!
2017-07-29 23:04
Kissing is fetish, sadly that NDS does not tag.   Glad to see it is featured here.   To me it makes the scene hotter.   And I don't mean the after though, seemingly obligatory kiss after cumming.   Guys kissing expresses, to me, and many gay guys like me, hotness and passion.   Sometimes NDS nails it, but most often it does not.   Would like to see tags for kissing so I can sort through which videos to view and which ones to skip.   Thanks!
2017-07-26 12:11
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