Brotherly Secrets Part 2

  • 08-28-2015 |
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With their parents gone for the day, Pierce Hartman lays around as his step-brother sneaks into his room to poke around. Duncan Black is definitely the mischievous brother, and he's constantly pushing Pierce's buttons to try and get a rise out of him. Today is no different, as Duncan skulks around Pierce, teasing and mocking him. Duncan slowly caresses Pierce's smooth skin and works his way down to his cock, playing with it lightly before taking it all the way into his mouth. Pierce stirs a bit but continues Duncan continues his sultry seduction, working Pierce into a semi-hard state. Pierce's body is already telling him to finish what his brother started, so Pierce pushes Duncan back down to continue the blow job, before pulling Duncan up and letting him sit on his face. Duncan rides Pierce's face like that, as Pierce tongue-fucks his hole, moistening it up for Pierce's big cock, which he plunges deep into his step-brother. Pierce proceeds to fuck Duncan with all the built up tension that can only happen when you are family, and Duncan takes every pounding inch with glee, before losing his load all over himself as Pierce pulls out and wets his step-brother with a well earned load and a promise to keep everything quiet until the next time the parents are away. We'll see if Duncan obliges.


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I liked this. Duncan is so cute! I really like his beard and long hair.
2021-08-15 18:32
Duncan Black was in the scene so it has to be good.
2018-11-04 00:15
I love the fantasy of brothers connecting in this way. I thought it was played well. The cuddling at the end was very nice. Very hot scene. The actors had great chemistry together.
2016-01-19 07:29
Now your Site, Nextdoor is hot, but it was always told that my membership was expired, when it was not, so I lost 20 days of services, that I paid for, Liked the vid, but Pierce did go limp - turn off, for real! do I will dislike this vid, but as I said I did like it until Pierce went limp! Larry Sims.
2015-12-15 19:29
what a great vidio
2015-10-14 18:17
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